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Connection, education and awareness to create a community of high net worth investors

If you want to work with high net worth individuals, you have to build trust.

People who have built wealth will watch you, read your content and research you before trusting you. Consistent online visibility is important. From your graphics to your articles, establish yourself as the expert.

We leverage your personality and expertise to build a loyal community. Consistency strengthens your industry presence, and when aligned with education, you can create a thriving community. The result is an organically grown network of relationships and raving fans.

Our Services

Lead Generation

Generate high-quality leads with proven processes that seamlessly capture leads online and through virtual events.
Using targeted and effective strategies, we help you grow your investor client base with high quality leads.

Social Support

As email and attention become harder to capture, social media is your playground for staying top of mind with potential clients. Dominate this space to build awareness and engagement. We simplify the process with creative content ideas, video processing, and expert guidance. Transform your social media presence and make a lasting impact effortlessly.

Email Content

Struggling with weekly email communication? High-net-worth individuals will research you before trusting you. You need consistent online visibility. From your graphics to your articles, establish yourself as the expert.

We transform your personality and expertise into a magnetic force that builds a loyal community. Consistency is key. Paired with educational materials, it fosters a thriving community. The result? An organically grown network of relationships and raving fans. Let’s turn your email communication into your secret weapon for success!

About Dalton Interactive - Leadgrow

With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing within the business information media industry, I have honed my skills in lead generation and developed a robust understanding of the financial services sector. I’ve had the privilege of working with prestigious organizations like American City Business Journals and Penton Media.

For the past four years, I've specialized in virtual event lead generation, perfecting the backend systems and messaging that drive success. My passion lies in creating compelling content and customer journeys that resonate on a deeper level, motivating clients to take action. I incorporate your voice and company culture to build a loyal community and elevate your brand.

Whether it's executing special projects, training your team, or stepping in to provide additional support, we ensure your marketing efforts are impactful and aligned with your goals.

Cynthia Dalton

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